Interior Design & Build Projects

Need the help of a designer with experience, expertise, know-how and specialist skills to give you
that felling of assurance and confidence in the final result?
Those on Our List of Interior Designers, offer a stand-alone service or, they can work with your 
architect or building contractors.  
Discuss with the designer how the design concepts for your space may be presented e.g.
in full-colour perspective illustrations or CGI graphics or supported by mood boards,
furniture layout and lighting arrangements.  
This way you will understand the scale and proportions of the internal spaces.

Furnishings, Fixtures, Fittings and Equipment
The key to enhancing and reflecting the interior design and the architecture of your home is creating or finding “the right” furnishings, fittings and fixtures and installing them expertly.  That is why the knowledge and skills of those in Our List are important for your new project – whether it is a new build, new project or refurbishing an existing property. 

If you want your new space beautifully fitted and dressed when you walk through the door for the first time, we suggest that you select, order and have delivered services and/or items from Our List of selected suppliers.

To Find the Best in Expertise & Services
 for Interior Design/Build Projects

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