Sell with us
Leverage our online presence to promote your brand
and sell your properties, products and services

 Visitors to our websites (available on all devices including mobile, tablet & ipad)  are your customers.
Why / How? 
We help our visitors - the potential clients / buyers of your products connect with those in  building/housing industry.
We connect clients and businesses to:

  • new, near-new or retrofitted properties for sale around Victoria
  • vacant building blocks for sale around Victoria
  • those professionals involved in designing, creating and building new dwellings
  • manufacturers, suppliers and retailers of products to help buyers make design decisions
  • a wealth of resources and ideas on our sites, blog ( and our Pinterest Boards


The Team associated with Coupers',  has been championing modern architecture and
sustainable design for over twenty years in their professional roles before entering the real estate profession. 
Through our expanding media platforms, our brand inspires design seekers, savvy consumers and eager property buyers
with smart solutions for modern living. 

Our media platforms include: additional real estate websites (;
an informative blog edited and curated by our professional sustainability strategist (;
our Pinterest Boards; Instagram and YouTube.

Plus, Coupers Realty Pty Ltd, as an independent real estate agency is a member of  the largest connected real estate group
across Australia - Independent Alliance - in which all members are connected to the same data base - all with the same goal,
to drive more buyers to your door.

Our Marketing Mix

Our flair for sensing the expectations, desires and aspirations of home buyers, is reflected in an approach to our own brand's
communication that fully exploits every tool available to suggest its vision of the contemporary world.

Clearly, technology has changed marketing in the real estate business sector tremendously. 

It is a case of:
Goodbye to the real estate agency window-shopping and,

Hello online real estate portals where their is so much more choice and,

Hello social media!

Goodbye expensive print advertising.

Hello content marketing!

As well, to supplement our online presence, we promote our business - your business, products and services in a number of
other ways offline - local newspapers, local newsletters and tourist publications.  Plus we participate in and sponsor sporting
and recreational events and sponsor charitable projects.

Give us a call or email to discuss a marketing plan for you.