Why Renovate, Remodel, Retrofit or Re-Build?

So you like the place you are in - it is close to work, school or it is the area in which you prefer to live
but you want to make it a better home.   Our Concierge Home Services Team can help you achieve
what you would like and where you would like it.  Call Jan 0403 805 306 or Contact us via email.
Take a close look at the amazing images below that we at have selected from
around the globe to help you in your decision-making.
Because at,  we believe that good design - really good design - is long lasting and
the ideas presented in the images will assist you to make the right decisions for your requirements.  
When you decide to build a new house or renovate an existing one, you will be concerned 
with things that make it comfortable, liveable and attractive - such as the style, shape, the layout, colours etc.
These things are important and we encourage you to implement them in a manner that makes your home a 
healthy living place.  However, there are other important features you must also consider to make your dwelling
comfortable to live in throughout the year including natural light, passive heating, good natural ventilation
and more.

Technological innovation has provided many sustainable choices and alternatives that were not available just
a few years ago.  New materials have made it possible to build houses that are extremely energy efficient.
Breakthroughs in technology enable retrofitting and new construction as viable ways to provide sustainable 
living possibilities.

With the help of diverse and plentiful data available to us all about the homes in which we live, it is easy to receive 
feedback that will encourage us to repair or retrofit our  homes so they reach maximum energy efficiency, are 
healthy and comfortable.
Jan Couper M.Ed. M.Env.
Sustainability and Resilience Strategist



Q: Why Renovate / Renew/ Remodel?

A:  Renovation is the most sustainable form of building construction
The main criterion to undertake a serious renovation is place
Renovation is a sensible solution if it  fits with your preferred place and your needs.

Q: Is it as easy as the television "design shows" make it?
The television "design shows" are all about appearance.  They do not wish to 
    bore their audiences with details such as long term costs, energy efficiency,
    air quality or health issues.  
    However it is these "details" that make remodelling or   
    renovation interesting and exciting i.e. seeking out the best products, 
    investigating the latest research or technology etc. For example, windows alone 
    can be tricky - there are so many different kinds for various climates and 
    situations and then there is there are different glazings for these windows. 
    Consult widely for the best products and materials for your renovation to suit 
    your budget and environment. 
IN BRIEF: Why Renovate / Renew/ Remodel?

Modern Construction 
Materials & Technology

Design for Our Modern Lifestyles

Design for Energy Efficiency 

 * Modern building materials are more sustainable, safer and 

* New-Builds come with a  home warranty that will protect your for up to 7years.
A worry-free, safe home.

* New-Builds and Reno's can have lots of green options including solar panels, water-saving and water heating products, superior insulation, native plantings in landscaping.

*  New-builds make better use of natural light and ventilation;

* New-builds and reno's can make better use of locally available materials 

* Lowers maintenance and repairs - saving you time and money.


* Design to reduce waste & carbon emissions,

* Newly built homes come wired to cope with all our latest electronic gadgetry.

* Build a customized home to fit your modern lifestyle or

* Personalize an existing home plan to suit your needs and tastes.

* Newly built homes offer open-plan living areas, modern kitchens and better-planned use of space.

* Some homes and apartments can be purchased "off the plan" to which you can have input.

* Start living with natural flooring, rugs and fibres 

* New-Builds offer energy
efficiency all round - in design and construction.

*  Newly built homes have energy efficient windows, the latest in insulation and sustainable materials.

* Better cross-ventilation uses less air-conditioning - a huge saving! 

* Renovate to downsize
 the energy use at home significantly and create comfortable, healthy living conditions

*  You will be amazed at how much you save on a new house that is purposefully designed
for energy efficiency.  Imagine all the things you can enjoy with these savings!


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