Why Build?

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Healthier, Cleaner Dwellings

If you had the opportunity to re-build the residence you currently occupy, would you do the same again?

Change is all around us - technological changes, economic changes and our own  knowledge and opinions on topics about 
what can affect our health and well-being also changes.

Clean and healthy are the new trends in housing construction today. 
Gone are the old unhealthy products used to build houses in most cases instead, we have the building of 
"clean" homes.  This means building a home that is not only energy efficient and healthy; but one which uses
the best building practices so living in the home enhances our physical, emotional and social well-being.

Architect-Designed homes & Custom-Designed Homes

The common "wisdom" is that architect-designed homes or custom-designed homes are expensive and custom-designed,
 sustainable / environmentally friendly homes are even more expensive! 

This common wisdom is wrong and can be proven wrong when you discuss your needs and wants with an architect or 
designer.  These experts will design you a house to suit your budget, save you money in the build and throughout the lifetime 
of the house and, you will achieve the house you want.  
Architect-designed homes or custom- designed and built houses are more desirable for buyers in the housing market.

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