What is sustainability all about?

We are all aware how casually the words ” sustainable / sustainability” are thrown about along with a lot of other green-wash nonsense by advertisers but find out for yourself what sustainability, sustainable living, sustainable brands and sustainable development is all about and how these concepts affect you and your family. 
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Here is what sustainable development means to us:

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*Climate changewe can all do so much more. Live more sustainably and make money out of it! Basically, there are a lot of people just getting on with it – trying to reduce their carbon footprint. But ... >>

*How does your place rate on energy conservation?
Take a quick survey to see how your school, home, place or work etc. is performing in energy conservation. >>

*After a long, cold, wet spring it is easy to forget the damage that extreme temperatures can do to us and the environment. On those hot, lazy, crazy days, take time to check out a few things with your family and take the necessary actions.  >>

 *Every year, particularly during the summer months, Australians like so many other parts of the world, are faced with horrific fires, droughts and floods which destroy lives, property and have a huge impact on local communities>>

*Although most Australian homes still use energy derived from fossil-fuels (coal) and some from wind energy being fed into the national grid, there is a growing number meeting their home’s entire energy needs ... >>

* Many classic city dwellings are set in wide, tree-lined streets not far from well-established transport routes, recreational facilities, shopping areas and schools – many within walking or cycling distance and probably with less traveling involved to get to work I see these residences as ideal for families...  >>

 *Water plays a part in every aspect of our daily lives. We drink it, wash in it, cook with it, keep our clothes and homes clean and water our gardens with it. Clean water sustains the environment around us... >>

* Views of greenery or countryside are beneficial for our well-being as research states.
So, think about making some design changes to make the most of the views around your living space.    >>

 * Rain + Impermeable Surfaces = Storm-water Runoff ....    Urban and suburban areas around the globe have an abundance of impermeable surfaces – pavements, driveways, roofs, roads, footpaths and more and stormwater flowing over such surfaces creates a major source of pollution reaching our waterways. >>