Residential Real Estate Project Management at Coupers Realty

Residential projects have a finite set of tasks that are required to be done within a budget for a temporary time period.  The projects have a beginning, middle, and end.

Good Company AU, a subsidiary of Coupers Realty often manages multiple residential projects concurrently. We work for owner-occupiers, tenants, investors, landlords and developers, managing the fit-out, refurbishment or development of a property.  This could include leading a small renovation effort in a rental house, coordinate with an owner at a new construction site, find contractors for an upcoming project, hire contractors, or work on a tenant improvement initiative such as painting or landscaping.  Whether tackling a renovation yourself or if a builder or renovator is hired by you to perform the work, we offer a nonbiased remodelling project-management service that can not only save you money but ensure that all work conforms to codes and the best product and installations are used.  

Multi-tasking, good communication skills, time management, and collaborating with multiple stakeholders, grace under pressure, and analysis are our forte.

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