Modern Design

Modern design is extremely sensitive to the site, the environment and the human impact and scale. 
Modernism has it roots in California USA approximately beginning about 100 years ago with the innovative architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright and Rudolph Schindler. 
The brand of modernism that we see in Australia, blurs the boundaries of the indoors and outdoors.

Ecological Design and Build

“Conservation is a state of harmony between men and the land”
Aldo Leopold

Our Concierge Home Services Team can make it happen for you. Contact us.
Our participating architecture and engineering professionals will respond to your specific aspirations and requirements. 
You will discover that they will balance originality and imagination with professional skills and advice and sound management.  The end results will be distinctive living environments, each one truly different..

We believe that good design can also be environmentally and ecologically sound design.  To assist architects, builders and home owner’s source and make use energy-saving, water-saving and carbon-saving technology and materials, we provide links to national and local agencies as well as information from suppliers and manufacturers.

However, harmony with the natural environment goes beyond energy efficiency and sustainably sourced materials. 
Many development sites for new housing have significant landscapes, environments or features of historical or biodiversity importance. 

Our Concierge Home & Lifestyle team includes a sustainability and resilience strategist who is fully conversant with these issues and can organise assistance for you to accommodate the requirements of preservation or conservation of natural habitats and natural resource management.  Such assistance encompasses trees and planting, grasslands, water catchment, protected species, management of wildlife habitats and preservation of sites of specific scientific or cultural interest.

Jan Couper M.Ed., M.Env.
Sustainability & Resilience Strategist

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