Architect-Designed & Custom-Designed New-Builds

"We owe it to the fields that our houses will not be the inferiors of the virgin land they have replaced.  
We owe it to the worms and the trees that the buildings we cover them with will stand as promises of
the highest and most intelligent kinds of happiness."
(p.367 Alain de Botton, 2006, The Architecture of Happiness)


 Coupers Home Improvement & Concierge Home & Lifestyle Services has access to some of the best architects in the industry who will be able to help design and implement your perfect house or office on the Mornington Peninsula. Our participating design professionals will:

  • respond to your specific aspirations and requirements
  • balance originality and imagination with professional skill and sound management
  • deliver with your input, a distinctive living environment that is truly different to any other.

Contact us to discuss your needs and desires.

The common "wisdom" is that architect-designed homes or custom-designed homes are expensive and, particularly
custom-designed, sustainable / green / environmentally friendly homes are even more expensive! 

This common "wisdom"  is wrong and can be proven wrong when you discuss your needs and wants with an architect or designer.  
These experts will design you a house to suit your budget, save you money in the build and throughout the lifetime of the house and
you will achieve the house you want.
It should be noted that architect designed / custom- designed and built houses are more desirable for buyers in the housing market.

Our Pinterest Boards for inspiration and ideas for your contemporary home and modern designs from architects and designers from around the world>>


Why employ a professional architect?