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 "The object of all work is production and accomplishment and to either of these ends
there must be forethought, system, planning, intelligence, and honest purpose, as well as perspiration.
Seeming to do is not doing"
Thomas Edison

Building Contractors / Project Managers

Building Contractors, Home Builders, Building Companies and Design and Build Companies aim to coordinate teams and subcontractors to make sure that each building project is carried out to the highest possible standards and to the client's complete satisfaction.

Building a “clean” home means building a home that is not only energy efficient and green; but one which uses the best of building practices so living in the home is healthy. 
Our Concierge Home Service Team will talk to building contractors and seek pricing quotes from our top picks.

When choosing your contractor:

  • Do not only listen to word-of-mouth references, do your own research and use your intuition. In other words, trust your instincts as you will be working with this contractor throughout the whole process of building which may take up to twelve months.
  • Respect the processes you must go through to complete the build. Any building project has regulations to which one must adhere. 
  • Discuss energy efficiency strategies, natural light, windows to greenery, water harvesting early in the design phase.
  • Keep a tight watch on costs and take responsibility for what you want and can afford in your house. Be clear up front with the contractor about your needs and wants and what you are asking your builder to do.
  • Undertake your own due diligence before starting any work - whether you are undertaking a 'knockdown' to rebuild, a renovation or a totally new construction.  Take a look at the these government (federal and state) websites for assistance in your state and check thoroughly with your local Council for their requirements.
  • We also suggest that you the client check that all the work undertaken by any building company is fully indemnified and that your chosen company act as the main contractor throughout the whole process.  That way you have a single point of contact from the initial planning and design to the fully finished handover of the project.  Dedicated Project Managers ensure that all the schedules and programmes for their company or subcontractors are strictly adhered to and all costs are carefully managed in order to deliver the best value to any agreed budget.