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What we are about (NBH) is about real estate and property services  - a subsidiary of Coupers Realty Pty Ltd based in Victoria, Australia. 
We aim to be inspiring, informative and be able to connect home buyers, home owners, renters,  and stakeholders in the housing industry with thoughtful solutions and ideas to build or renovate better homes and communities.
Coupers' NBH embodies its' own vision of a contemporary company - between environmental awareness of the construction process and research into innovation - to bring to you those who can offer new living solutions and sustainable communities. 
Particular attention is dedicated to younger generations - our future society.

Coupers provide support to non-profit organisations working with young people, research and education institutions, sporting teams and initiatives aimed at conserving and preserving our natural environment.


No matter the size, design style, desired location, budget or timelines, we are here to help you search for your new home or block of land. 
Our Concierge Property Search Service: We encourage you to explore the potential and possibilities to purchase a new home based upon your aspirations, budget and requirements but we do the leg work for you - search online and liaising with agents and building contractors to find your desired home in your desired location. 
Finding a property to suit your aspirations can be time-consuming and frustrating.  If there is not a property on our website that suits your requirements, provide us with a simple brief outlining the types of properties that interest you and we can discreetly inform you of any potential opportunities.  We can also negotiate for their acquisition on your behalf if you wish.  If your search criteria is more complex, we can work with our architecture and construction partners to source unique properties that match your requirements and which show good potential for sustainable development.

Build New / Renovate Service - Southern Mornington Peninsula
Over the years in our real estate business, we have developed great relationships with a number of top service providers (architects, engineers, planners, designers) and leading  building contractors on the Mornington Peninsula.
Whether an urban apartment, family home, garden landscaping, rural home, golf villa, beach house or ski chalet, we aim to provide you with access to design, practical ideas and construction teams who are assiduous in their drive to deliver great living environments that encapsulate your tastes, needs and budget.

If buying or building a home is on your mind, browse our Pinterest Boards which can assist you with ideas in designing and constructing your dream home.  On our Pinterest Boards too, whether a homeowner, designer or builder, explore the ever-changing range of products and materials available to you in order to build, decorate, renovate, maintain or improve your property.  

For your outdoor projects or gardens, browse our Pinterest Boards and Blogs to find  practical ideas, designs and planting to inspire you to transform you living environment. 

Our Concierge Home Services
We have developed a range of services to meet the needs of our clients ( i.e. home buyers, home renovators and those connected to the built environment / housing industry) - whether that means designing and building a new place, renovating or improving an existing property or intending to purchase a newly constructed property.  We aim to connect you to some of the best residential architects, designers, construction experts, products and suppliers. 
We know how to get the job done right.  We strive to provide good work at competitive prices

Our Real Estate Services

We currently manage the sale  of a diverse range of projects, from small homes and apartments to larger residential developments.  We also project manage builds for new home buyers and renovators.   We are able to develop an experience for buyers about aspects of the build together with the construction and build team if required.
Come and meet us in the flesh at our office at Moonah Links Golf Resort on the southern Mornington Peninsula  and enjoy the ambience and refreshments available at Moonah Links.

Teamwork at Coupers Realty Pty Ltd's
Designers, Engineers, Builders, Sales and Marketing Managers, Photographers, Web Designers, Sales Consultants, Sustainability Manager: Different professionalism that come together to communicate housing options - styles, design and solutions, that are available in the market.

Local and Overseas Investors
Coupers Realty Pty Ltd integrates their experience in real estate marketing, property management, investment and development with the design and construction expertise of their partners for investors.

Prime real estate districts around Australia including rural and regional areas, are experiencing growth in demand from local and overseas investors seeking a more secure asset base.  Home buyers of all ages are also seeking properties in larger regional centres with adequate services as an alternative to badly serviced,  expensive housing in outer suburbs of coastal cities.

Coupers Realty Pty Ltd will assist investors to source and evaluate real estate opportunities in prime localities in Australia: newly constructed properties; planned developments; properties that have the potential to be developed into outstanding residential assets.

For those properties that require planning and development, constructing or retrofitting, we are able to draw upon the professional expertise of our professional partners.


For more information, contact John Couper, Director of Coupers Realty Pty Ltd.  Email: